Department for OK DESIGN

From the idea (via casting) to the finished product

With over 40 years of excellence in crafting cutting-edge aluminum die casting tools, we are thrilled to introduce offerings of our Department for OK Design that extend beyond traditional tool manufacturing. Our commitment to innovation and expertise, as well as our connections to institutes and academic institutions, have led us to expand our services to better meet your research, development and production needs.

Collaborative Product Development

We fully design your product with you or for you: In a rapidly changing market, innovation is paramount. Leverage our seasoned knowledge and experience to transform your ideas into reality. Our skilled team is primed to collaborate with you from the concept stage to product realization. We understand that every product begins with a vision, and we're here to provide construction hacks, technical insights, esthetic design sophistication, and manufacturing expertise required to bring your concepts to life. With our holistic approach to collaborative product development, your vision is not just materialized; it's optimized for success.

Technological Design Adaptation

We adapt the design of your product to the die casting requirements: The heart of successful die casting lies in design harmony. Our expertise extends beyond manufacturing to the very core of the casting process. We recognize that even the most well-conceived designs may require adaptation to meet the rigorous demands of the casting process. Our skilled engineers specialize in refining your designs for seamless integration into the die casting process, ensuring optimal material flow, structural integrity, and efficiency. Through precise technological adaptation, we transform great designs into flawless castings.

At Orodjarstvo Križaj, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution provider. Our expanded services encompass:

  • Die Casting Tooling Manufacturing

    Drawing from decades of experience, we craft high-tech die casting tools that set industry standards.

  • Collaborative Product Development

    Work side by side with us to innovate, design, and manufacture the next generation of exceptional products.

  • Technological Design Adaptation

    Seamlessly integrate your designs into the die casting process with our expert engineering and technical know-how.

  • Consultation and Support

    Tap into our knowledge base for expert consultation, support, and guidance throughout your project journey.

As one of the pioneers in the aluminum die casting industry in Slovenia, we're not just embracing change; we're driving it. Join us on this exciting journey of innovation, collaboration, and precision engineering. Discover a new realm of possibilities with the skilled team of Orodjarstvo Križaj.

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